The Australian Dollar is in strong growth territory. These strong growth rates are continuing in the midst of various internal challenges that India and China have each enacted. It is not just the value of the Australian Dollar that is strong. The growth rate is truly diversified across several sub indices.

It is now the only large country in the G-20 who can withstand these moves by all the other huge currencies. The United States seems to be sliding into collapse and China is looking like an economic basket case. The Japan-style economic woes continue to roll across the Pacific as they attempt to stem their seemingly endless loss streak and revitalize the once world’s leading manufacturing nation.

Yes, the internal changes have created the advantageous environment for a much-needed effective leadership change. The vote of confidence from the world and from home certainly can help repair Australia’s external image.

The Federal Reserve has invested heavily in recent economic stimulus packages to keep the interest rates down. As a result the currency has been allowed to hold up quite well in the face of a strong economic backdrop.

Growth should be steady as China opens its markets again and backs away from the flawed currency manipulation programs that have hurt the domestic people over the last decade. With a healthier economy and an aggressive lending environment the Australian Dollar is headed into uncharted territory.

Without revenue coming from mining and other petroleum generating areas the global commodity market has cooled significantly. The world will be looking to other products such as agriculture and other products to rebuild its dependence on oil and gas.

The economy continues to recover as a slow rate of interest rate increases from the Fed to keep the economy from spiraling into another recession. This has allowed the current growth rates to stay solid in spite of the economies that are always slowing the most. Other economic indicators are showing an improvement in the dollar’s real growth as opposed to the distorted rate’s potential. Other domestic indicators show that productivity remains as robust as ever. With the Asian market showing signs of trading stabilization the Aussie will continue to be the strongest currency across the board.

It is only a matter of time until the strength of the local currency’s value is supported by a stable financial system. Hopefully the current mild improvement in the credit ratings allows the Australian government to take some advantage of the potential public funding in the form of the aid package from the US government. It is at this point that the economy’s risk will be easier to manage.

The economy must now be given a chance to work out some of the errors of the economic reform plan. It is only a matter of time before the dollar goes over the top as these fresh food prices continue to rise and the unemployed begin to pour into the fields.

The bottom line is that a stable, strong Australian Dollar will lead to economic gains for everyone. As the economies of China and India become unsteady, it is almost certain that the dollar will continue to rise higher.